Bringing Your Skin Into Focus

Your skin is unique. It’s a coat that keeps you warm, defines who you are and records how you’ve lived your life. In New York City, that could be a very interesting life indeed.

From 28th October to 10th November 2016 we’re creating a photographic census of the city’s faces. We’ve invited the world’s top studio photographer – London-based Rankin – to take unique portraits of New Yorkers. We believe that great portraits don’t require model looks. So NY:SKIN will celebrate the ordinary: the freckled, the dimpled and the lived-in.


Timed to coincide with World Psoriasis Day, NYSKIN will be housed in an installation at 446 WEST 14TH STREET. Any New Yorker can drop in and have their portrait taken. It will be fast and furious – from firing the shutter to on the wall in 15 minutes.

Open 11-8pm* from 28th October to the 10th November
* 29th October – Opens at 12:30pm


You are New York

Our ambition is to create a photographic record of the skin of those living and working in one of the world’s most vibrant cities – Manhattan, exploring every pore, blemish and detail via beautiful portraits.

To do this we’ve built a unique way to explore the faces of thousands of New Yorkers – part visual commemoration, part interactive census.

You can enjoy the individual portraits or delve further into the census data, based on age, gender, condition of skin or luminosity.

Presenting the city’s skin in a way that’s never been seen before.

Explore the Visual Census Gallery

Explore the Rankin Gallery